About Us


Goodwin Community College is a new state-of-the art educational facility that has been developed and managed by the Goodwin Development Trust for the benefit of all the communities of Hull. The facility is available to any member of the community – so if you or a family member or friend are interested in improving your education and skills – then get in touch now and take that all-important first step under the guidance and support of the Goodwin Development Trust.

The Goodwin Trust is a not-for-profit charitable trust and the Goodwin College is just one of the Trust’s Family of Services – a portfolio of services designed to improve the social and economic wellbeing of all of our community. Once a member of the community engages with just one of our services it then means that both you and your extended family can access the entire Family of Services portfolio. These range from housing and education, to family support and training, from business start-up advice to domiciliary care and many more.

More information
For more details on any of Goodwin Community College courses tel: 01482 485958 or email: communitycollege@goodwin-centre.org

For more details on any of Goodwin’s Family of Services go to www.goodwintrust.org  or Tel: 01482 587550